Acne Before and After: A 12-year Journey

I have shown you my face at one of the worst times along this acne journey. In my older post before, I have shown you how I had red bumps all over my face, and painful pimples on temples and forehead. You might want to see the photos of my acne before and after. 

My struggle with acne throughout the years

2022 - Singapore

acne before and after_2022

This is me this year. Clear skin, only occasional breakouts that are manageable. I have learned to manage my stress better, improve my sleep quality, and maintain a healthy diet. At the same time, I use good quality skincare products that are suitable for my skin and also continue taking zinc supplements and antioxidants.

2017 - Taiwan

acne before and after_2017

Pardon my messy hair, I literally just got out of the shower. Even though my skin right now is still far from my ideals, I always remember when my skin was far worse. This acne before and after photos are reminders to me to be grateful for how far I have come. I arrived at this state of clearer skin mainly through a better understanding of skincare.

2015 - Hong Kong

acne before and after_2015

I was doing a job that I did not like. Moreover, I was so busy with work that I did not have the time and energy to maintain a healthy diet. Also, I often had problems sleeping due to poor stress management. My poor skin condition was due to a few reasons. First, I had some understanding of the sugar acne relationship and a good diet for healthy skin but I did not implement it myself. Second, I did not understand skincare products and did not have a good skincare routine for my skin type. 

2009 - Singapore

infected pimples_2010 skin

I was so under so much stress preparing for my A level. Back then I was leaving alone at a dormitory, away from my parents. And I did not how to take care of myself well. For instance, I did not eat well. Sometimes I skipped dinner to study and at supper instead. I slept really late to study and could not sleep well because of stress. As a result, everything wreaked havoc my hormones. I had horrendous hormonal, cystic acne all over my face. When one acne went away, another few appeared. Consequently, I was even more stressed by my skin condition. My self esteem and confidence plummeted. Moreover, I was depressed and was in a very dark place.

Takeaway from the acne before and after

Hope this post and my acne before and after photos inspire you, whoever out there struggling with the same situation. Remember that you are not alone, there are a lot of people facing similar acne issues. The key is to listen to your own body to understand the source of your acne. I am saying that because there is no dermatologist who can pinpoint the exact root cause of your acne. It is more likely that you figure it out yourself as you know yourself best.

These photos are testament that you can improve your skin with the right knowledge of skincare and a healthy lifestyle and diet. I achieved this current state of clear skin after 12 years of battling acne.You will get there too one day, so do not be discouraged by your acne issue! 

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How to use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

There are many products for acne out there. Among them, one of the best ones is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I covered other products for acne and skin in my other posts. If you are interested in skin barrier repair products or Paula’s Choice products for acne, you can find their dedicated posts. In this post, I will talk about whether the product works and how to use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Find out more!

Quick skin update

At the beginning of summer, my skin was pretty good, especially after I came back from the States in July. I did have some pimples but I did see days where my skin can be completely clear. However, October onwards, I started to have breakouts especially near my hairline on my forehead and temples. They started as whiteheads that you can squeeze and evolved into inflamed pimples. It was a nightmare.

I took a picture of my skin right now and you can see in the picture below that my forehead is far from being clear. In fact, there are whiteheads, pigmented spots from my previous pimples, and that one evil dot ready to pop.

how to use mario badescu drying lotion_breakout

Because of this, I used a pimple topical treatment, which so far has the best effect on my whiteheads and small pimples. So far it has been very effective and it never irritates my skin. Reviews from other folks who used this product before have been stellar as well.

Does Mario Badescu Drying Lotion work?

Many on the internet asked, “does Mario Badescu Drying Lotion work?”. My answer is YES! This product does live up to its name. It can dry your pimples very quickly. Therefore, it can be a part of your pimple emergency kit if you need to improve your pimple appearance overnight.

how to use mario badescu drying lotion_ingredients

Ingredients listed here. Potent ingredients to dry your pimple effectively. It is antibacterial too.

How to use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion?

The next question is, how to use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion? I understand why many asked this question. The product is just a bottle, and there is no applicator provided. You can see in the bottle there are 2 parts to the product. First is the solution, and second, the pink sediment at the bottom. Having said that, do not shake the bottle before using. Instead, you can take a cotton swab, and dip it to the bottom. Then, apply the pink sediment on your pimple. You will feel a cooling and stinging sensation.

If you want to dip it again for another pimple, don’t use the same end of the cotton swab to dip into the bottle. You may risk contaminating the product. Use a new swab or use the other end (that you haven’t used yet).

Another aspect of “how to use Mario Badescu Drying Lotion?” is when to use this product in your skincare routine. There are a few points here. First, this is more fitting to be an overnight pimple treatment as you’ll have some sediments on your pimple after the application (unless you don’t mind sporting that during the day). Leave it overnight and rinse it in the morning. Second, you need to make sure your skin is clean and you have applied your other skincare product for the night. Third, do not apply it to an open wound – it will hurt a lot!

Should you purchase Mario Badescu Drying Lotion?

If you are looking to try a new spot treatment for your pimple, you should give this product a try. It is not that expensive in the world of pricey skincare products for acne. In Sephora, you can get it at ~S$36 for the 29ml bottle. I really enjoyed this product when I had a lot of small pimples. I will use it again if I ever need it for my skin (fingers crossed that those days are over for me).

Note: If you have a sensitive skin you would want to be more cautious when using this product as your skin might be irritated more easily. You can use it how often you need to, depending on how your skin reacts to the product. If it sensitizes your skin, reduce the frequency of application. Also, be mindful of your bedding when you are sleeping too as the sediment might stick to the bedding.

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