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Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser: Should You Do It?

Vaginal health and condition is very important for not only females themselves, but for their sexual partners as well. As women age and give birth, the vaginal muscle and lining will naturally change. They will sag more and the vagina itself may become less tight. Is there any way to fix this? Previously we have covered the topic of laser treatment for acne and also AFT hair removal. Now we will talk about vaginal rejuvenation laser, which is one of the ways to rejuvenate your vagina.

vaginal rejuvenation laser

What is vaginal rejuvenation laser?

It is a procedure to promote new production of collagen by emitting heat on the skin layer responsible for this production. The end result is tighter vaginal canal as well as more moisture production on the canal. Nearing or during menopause, women often experience vaginal dryness and this procedure can help alleviate this symptom. With more moisture on the canal and a tighter canal, both women and men can experience more pleasure during sex.

How much does vaginal rejuvenation cost?

In Singapore, vaginal rejuvenation cost can be as expensive as S$5000 and above. However, if we talk about cost, it is hard to come up with a very accurate number. This is subject to every individual’s condition and the experience of the clinic in doing this treatment. The number of vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments may vary depending on the condition of the individual as well. So please find a reputable clinic and do a consultation with the professionals.

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Who will benefit from this laser and should you do it?

Anyone who experience vaginal dryness whether it is due to menopause or if naturally you have less vaginal moisture production in the canal. There are another type of vaginal rejuvenation laser that focuses on the outer appearance of the vagina. For that one, anyone with discomfort due to the physical appearance of the labia can also opt to improve the outer appearance of the vagina.

If you are a good candidate for this procedure and think that you can improve your quality of life by doing this, go for it. Sexual life is important and also your emotional health is important too. If you are not happy with your sexual life and how your vagina looks, you can take steps to improve the situation. Check with the professionals who run the clinic about your suitability, side effects and also the costs, before you decide to do this treatment!

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