Clear Skin Affirmations: Do they really work?

You might have heard your friend doing clear skin affirmations. Or perhaps you have seen on Youtube people achieve clear skin through affirmations. Then you might be wondering, is this for real? Or is it a gimmick? And if it works, how can clear skin affirmations manifest in the clear skin physically? Learn more about clear skin affirmations here.

Clear Skin Affirmations

You use clear skin affirmations to set your mind into a certain state. That is, a state where you are positive about your body, your skin, and optimistic that your skin will improve and heal. Consequently, these affirmations change the way you see yourself and the possibility of your future self. For instance, imagine giving yourself affirmation that what you are going through is a part of your body trying to heal and your future self will have clear skin again. This will undoubtedly make you more optimistic, happier, less stressed and more likely to take action to work towards this future self that you have in mind.

Whatever you tell yourself, the brain will pick it up. Your self talk will set the way you see yourself and it will determine your mindset. Another way to see it is clear skin affirmations is related to law of attraction (LOA). You are attracting what you are putting into your mind. If you think clear skin, you will eventually get clear skin.

Manifesting healthy skin through clear skin affirmations

How do you manifest clear, healthy skin through clear skin affirmations? There are many ways. The easiest way is to change the way you talk to yourself, especially when you are looking at your skin.

Changing self-perception

Many acne sufferers have low esteem or low confidence because of acne. The reason is obvious, acne does affect the way we see ourselves. We may not look pretty, presentable or good-looking as other people with clear skin. Moreover, we might end up rejecting ourselves and “hate” ourselves and our skin. This is not the way to go to heal from acne.

 Instead of being harsh on ourselves, we should talk to ourselves lovingly. Acknowledge that our body is undergoing something and our skin is informing us on what is happening. Because of this, we can take action, be it checking our hormones with our doctors, changing our diet and our lifestyle into a healthier one, etc., which eventually can clear up our skin. 

You can manifest clear skin by saying to yourself loving words like:

My body is healing and my skin is clearing up

I trust my skin’s healing process 

I sleep enough so that my skin can heal

My skin is beautiful and I love it

I eat healthy food for my skin

I treat my skin gently and lovingly

clear skin affirmations_confidence

Tell your brain about your clear skin goal

The statement you tell yourself (i.e. your self talk) matters a lot and the brain hears it. You tell your brain what you want to achieve and your brain will help you to achieve it. By doing clear skin affirmations, you are also reminding yourself of the goal that you are working towards. If you tell yourself that “my skin is clearing up” or “I trust my skin’s healing process”, you will unconsciously do things to achieve this goal. You will eat and sleep better. And you will treat your skin more gently and lovingly. You might drink more water and do exercise to help your body to detox. There are a lot of things that you put into motion when you set your mind at a clear goal. Read more about lifestyle changes for acne and sugar acne relationship in their dedicated posts.

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Adding visualization

How to make clear skin affirmation even more powerful? You can combine clear skin affirmations with visualization. When you do this, you are trying to put law of attraction into work. 

By telling yourself through self talk the goals that you want to achieve, you are setting your mind into doing constructive things to achieve the goal. A way to make this work even better is by visualizing the end goal itself. When you focus on what you want, what you focus on expands and you are attracting what you want to come true. When you imagine something very vividly, our brain cannot differentiate it from reality. 

Visualize your skin is clear and your acne is gone. You can get help from your phone too. Take a photo of yourself and you can remove your acne. Save the photo. Every morning you can look at the photo and tell yourself that “I have clear skin”. Remind yourself of what is possible for yourself.

Also, this visualization will help to deter you from doing things that are bad for your skin. For example, eating junk food. Whenever you are tempted to eat your McDonalds or drink your soft drinks, look at that photo. And remind yourself what you should eat instead to achieve that goal. 

Do clear skin affirmations works?

It does help if you do it correctly. You should understand that it will not be sufficient to just chant the clear skin affirmations to get clear skin. Instead, these affirmations are going to put your mind in a good mental state to help you move towards healing and take the necessary actions to achieve clear skin. 

You can watch some useful Youtube videos on clear skin affirmations here: 

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