What is Love Pimple? Do you need to worry?

If you are in love or seeing someone, it might surprise you to see a new pimple come out. Perhaps you never had pimple before, but suddenly this new pimple just appear right before your date. People often call this pimple “love pimple”. You might be wondering what is this pimple about? We will cover this in this post and explain the love pimple meaning.

What is a love pimple?

If you are worried that being in love really makes you have pimple, do not worry. This love pimple is not caused by being in love. Rather, it is caused by the hormonal changes that you experience when you are in love. When you are entering a relationship or about to enter one, the sexual hormones i.e. testosterone might increase. This is because you are anticipating intimacy or are having intimacy with your significant other.

Other than this scientific explanation, another reason for this pimple might also be higher self consciousness when you are dating someone. It is normal for someone entering a new relationship to be self conscious about their looks more than usual. This might cause higher stress to look perfect in front of their significant others, which cause pimple instead. 

It might also be the case that you have argument or conflict with someone you are in love with. When this happens with someone you care about or in love with, the emotional turmoil can cause a lot of stress. And again, this stress can cause pimple. 

love pimple_couple in love

Love pimple meaning

There is no particular love pimple meaning that you need to be concerned of. Its meaning is simply that you are young and in love! And also, our hormonal system is active, you are feeling intimate with your significant other or your might have stress thinking about someone that you love. 

When you have this kind of pimple, you just need to be aware how this comes about and care for yourself more. If your hormonal system is active, there is not much that we can do about it. When you are young, you cannot avoid this. Normally when your hormones are quite active and you have high testosterone level, you will be more oily. When this happens, eat more healthily, maintain your physical hygiene, use the right skincare, etc. There are other things that you can control to ensure your love pimple do not become a ‘love breakout’. Read more about lifestyle changes for acne in my other post. 

Is it normal to have this type of pimple?

Yes it is normal to have a love pimple. Do not worry too much about it. There are some controllable things that you can make sure you do to improve the pimple condition. If you have any existing hormonal imbalance condition, this love pimple might worsen and become a breakout. Check if your lifestyle is healthy, if you can change your diet or add more anti-inflammatory ingredients into your food, or if you can take supplements that promote healthy skin. Knowing how to care your skin from outside through good skincare for acne is also important. Make sure you exfoliate enough to prevent the occurrence of this love pimple or exacerbation of it. Read more on best exfoliators for acne in my other post. 

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