AFT Hair Removal: Is it worth our money?

Body hair is something that I do not like to have. Some girls can flaunt their body hair confidently, but I can not. I would end up shaving or using an epilator to take out my body hair. I do not have thick dark body hair, the body hair is quite fair and thin, but they still bother me. Once I had enough of shaving and doing epilation myself, I decided to let the professionals do semi/permanent hair removal. In this article, I will explain what is AFT, how the process is like, AFT vs IPL hair removal difference and whether AFT is worth the money. I also wrote about another beauty procedure I did before which was laser acne scar removal and also back facial. Make sure you check them out too!

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What is AFT hair removal?

AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescence Technology. It is a newer technology for hair removal compared to its counterpart, which most people are familiar with i.e. IPL. So AFT hair removal is hair removal procedure utilising the AFT technology. Compared to other popular hair removal procedures, the AFT procedure can be done faster for the same body area and the result can be more long lasting as well. You can have do AFT procedure on many body parts including underarm, back, arm, leg, bikini line, brazilian and so on.

The first time I heard about AFT was in Singapore and this technology is only available in STRIP as far as I know. In STRIP, this technology is known as AFT Powerpac. 

AFT vs IPL hair removal

Before I committed myself to AFT hair removal procedure, I was interested in IPL at first. Then I had a trial session. The process is not that convenient and slow. The IPL machine was put on my body part spot by spot since they are trying to target the hair follicles of the hair. After that trial, I went for an AFT trial and I could really see the difference in the procedure. I found the procedure more convenient and faster. I also felt more reassured that they will be able to cover all the hair follicles in the body part that is undergoing the procedure. Let me explain more.

One of the differences between AFT vs IPL hair removal is the applicator. IPL hair removal uses 3cm applicators, whereas for AFT, at least the one at STRIP, they use a custom-made 5cm crystal applicators. This way AFT hair removal can remove hair more effectively over a wider surface. 

From my own experience doing both IPL and AFT hair removal, the machine for AFT generates more heat than IPL. However, do not worry about this as it does not hurt at all.. IPL hair removal machine uses a broad wavelength laser to disperse spikes of energy. On the other hand, AFT hair removal machine uses a narrower wavelength of laser to deliver a more even energy distribution. This will allow a more target and precise treatment. 

AFT procedure and steps involved

At the place that I go to which is STRIP in Singapore, there are steps that the therapist follow prior to the procedure. First, they will shave the target body area using razor. They follow one razor per person policy for hygiene purpose. Second, after cleaning up the area from the shaved hair, they will apply a super cold cooling gel on the area. Third, they will start using the machine on the target area. They will move it around the area to ensure the AFT beams really reach all the targeted hair follicles. The combination of the super cold cooling gel and the heat from the AFT beam makes the skin feel comfortable, it is neither hot or cold.

Prior to going for the procedure, they recommend you not to pluck or wax the hair in the area. This is because the AFT hair removal procedure targets the hair follicle and the hair needs to be in place for the AFT to be effective. Also, pigment in the hair helps to make the AFT more effective as well. This is because the pigment will absorb the heat from the AFT beam and the follicle will ‘die’. The same thing applies for laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. 

Is it worth the money?

Very much! I never feel this comfortable and carefree in my skin and with my body ever since I did AFT hair removal. For lower leg and underarm areas, I did 6 sessions each and the result has been amazing. I was able to see a semi-permanent result by the 5th session. Afterwards, I only saw very thin and fine hair growing in a sparse manner, which did not bother me. They were barely visible. However, since I have spent money on this, I want the result to be as permanent as possible. Hence I purchased another 6 sessions for each body part for maintenance. You can refer to the STRIP website to find the pricing.

It is an investment that is truly worth the money. I can just carefreely wear my tank tops or shorts and short skirts without having to worry about body hair. The price for body part that has bigger area is definitely more expensive than that with smaller area. 

And whether I recommend AFT hair removal at STRIP? The answer is also yes. It is a very professionally run place for body treatment and I have no complaint against them so far. 

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