Back Facial: Does it help with back acne?

I had trouble with my active back acne when lockdown started in 2020. All of sudden, I had a very bad back acne breakout for a month. It is also my bad that I could not help but to squeeze and pick these pimples as they were really annoying me. I did not expect that they will cause such a bad scarring on my back. After I was left with the acne scars on back, I thought I will just need to deal with the scars. But unexpectedly, the acne breakout came back in 2021. As long as you keep getting new acne, you likely get even more acne scars. I covered the topic on sweat pimples and how to get rid of acne scars on back in another post. Now, I will talk about back facial which I did to control the active acne on my back.

Review of the treatment

Frustrated with the acne scars on my back while still having to deal with active acne, I resorted to going to a clinic. I searched “back facial near me” on Google Map and I found a place called Indulgence Beauty Center. It is located at International Plaza in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore.

I did a trial first before signing up for a package with them. In each back facial session that lasts for 50-60 mins, they will start with cleansing and gently scrubbing your back. After that, they will steam your back with warm steam to open the pores at the back. This is to enable the next step, which is blackhead and closed comedones extraction. There was one time when I had acne too and they helped to squeeze the ‘mature’ acne. Following the extraction step is the use of Oxygen facial machine that can help to brighten, hydrate and even out the skin tone. Lastly, they will apply mask on the back for 15 mins during which you can sleep or relax. They normally apply mint mask for me that can exfoliate the dead skin cells while killing bacteria in the pores.

Back facial before after

I did my first back facial mid 2021 and did it once a month. Back then my concerns were active acne and also dark acne scars on back from the previous breakouts. As you can see here, my back had hyperpigmentations and inflammation from the active acne. This photo was taken in December 2021.

how to get rid of acne scars on back_back facial December 2021

Fast forward to May 2022, you can see my back is now left with lighter hyperpigmentation. However, this result is not solely from doing back facial. Instead, it is a combination of controlling the active acne using back facial while at the same time treating the existing dark acne scars with skincare actives.

how to get rid of acne scars on back_back facial May 2022

Would i recommend getting a back facial?

If you are still struggling with active back acne, I would suggest doing back facial. Not only the therapist can professionally treat your clogged pores on the back, they can also recommend some products that you can use at home to treat these active acne. You can do this back facial once a month. Or, if your case is more severe, they might suggest you do it every couple of weeks. 

Once you get your active back acne under control, you can continue treating the acne scars on back using topical products at home. If your focus is to get rid of acne scars on back, I believe doing it at home on a daily basis consistency will give you the result. This is compared to going to a clinic once in a while, which might give you limited result. Read more on how to get rid of acne scars on back in my other post where I recommend some products to try.

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