Acne Band Aid Trend: Should you follow?

There has been a recent Tiktok trend using hydroseal band aid for acne. Before you jump onto the bandwagon, understand first if hydroseal band aid as acne band aid will help your acne or worsen it. Previously we have covered other methods to improve acne. This includes skin barrier repair methods, laser acne scar removal treatments, and best exfoliator for acne. In this post, learn more about acne band aid and whether it is good for your skin and acne.

acne band aid

What is hydroseal band aid?

Hydroseal band aid is a band aid using hydrocolloid material to cover the wound. What is hydrocolloid material? It is a material that is cushiony and helps to promote wound recovery by creating a sterile, hydrated environment for the wound. This hydrocolloid material is usually transparent, occlusive and waterproof. It also has the ability to soak up excess liquid from the wound. Being occlusive and waterproof, once it adheres to the skin, it protects the wound from bacteria and other external particles. This is an example of hydroseal band aid and it is typically used for body wounds like blisters.

Can you use hydroseal band aid as acne band aid?

The usage on acne is unprecedented. Plus, normally this band aid typically comes at larger size, to cover bigger wounds on the body. The recent videos on TikTok show people putting a big patch of this hydroseal band aid on pimples/acne. Putting the whole hydroseal band aid on the face is not recommended. You can instead cut the hydroseal band aid into smaller pieces to target the pimple or acne that you want to cover.

Putting smaller pieces of the hydroseal band aid is better because there are parts of your face that have healthy skin. Covering it up with this band aid will interfere with the function of the outer skin layer. Hence using smaller patches on targeted acne/pimple is better. 

Cutting it into smaller pieces before putting it on acne or pimple also makes more economical sense. Hydrocolloid material does not work with all types of acne. The type that can benefit a lot from this dressing is cystic or swollen pimples with excess fluid/pus inside. So putting smaller pieces on this type of acne rather than putting the whole band aid on your face is more economical.

Does hydroseal band aid help with acne?

Yes it can help with acne, especially those acne with excess fluid/pus inside. This acne band aid will help to absorb the excess fluid while at the same time allow the wound to heal in a sterile, hydrated environment. I covered my acne/pimple with acne band aid before, to make sure I will not touch the wound and infect it. It also help with the healing of acne that way. 

You need to keep in mind that this hydroseal band aid can be quite adhesive. The glue might stick on your skin and if you have sensitive skin, this might irritate it further. Also, if you have a big area covered with pimple/acne, make sure the glue will not land on that area. You can imagine how painful it will be when you try taking off the hydroseal band aid. Moreover, it might rupture your existing acne or pimple in the process. 

Should you try hydroseal band aid?

I would not recommend using hydroseal band aid as acne band aid. If you are looking for the absorbing, protective, healing while hydrating properties of hydroseal band aid, opt for acne patch instead. Targeting specific acne or pimple using acne patch is better. Also, the adhesives on hydroseal band aid can irritate your skin further. I am a big fan of acne patch and it has been a game changer for me in treating my big pimples. 

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