Acne Before and After: A 12-year Journey

I have shown you my face at one of the worst times along this acne journey. In my older post before, I have shown you how I had red bumps all over my face, and painful pimples on temples and forehead. You might want to see the photos of my acne before and after. 

My struggle with acne throughout the years

2022 - Singapore

acne before and after_2022

This is me this year. Clear skin, only occasional breakouts that are manageable. I have learned to manage my stress better, improve my sleep quality, and maintain a healthy diet. At the same time, I use good quality skincare products that are suitable for my skin and also continue taking zinc supplements and antioxidants.

2017 - Taiwan

acne before and after_2017

Pardon my messy hair, I literally just got out of the shower. Even though my skin right now is still far from my ideals, I always remember when my skin was far worse. This acne before and after photos are reminders to me to be grateful for how far I have come. I arrived at this state of clearer skin mainly through a better understanding of skincare.

2015 - Hong Kong

acne before and after_2015

I was doing a job that I did not like. Moreover, I was so busy with work that I did not have the time and energy to maintain a healthy diet. Also, I often had problems sleeping due to poor stress management. My poor skin condition was due to a few reasons. First, I had some understanding of the sugar acne relationship and a good diet for healthy skin but I did not implement it myself. Second, I did not understand skincare products and did not have a good skincare routine for my skin type. 

2009 - Singapore

infected pimples_2010 skin

I was so under so much stress preparing for my A level. Back then I was leaving alone at a dormitory, away from my parents. And I did not how to take care of myself well. For instance, I did not eat well. Sometimes I skipped dinner to study and at supper instead. I slept really late to study and could not sleep well because of stress. As a result, everything wreaked havoc my hormones. I had horrendous hormonal, cystic acne all over my face. When one acne went away, another few appeared. Consequently, I was even more stressed by my skin condition. My self esteem and confidence plummeted. Moreover, I was depressed and was in a very dark place.

Takeaway from the acne before and after

Hope this post and my acne before and after photos inspire you, whoever out there struggling with the same situation. Remember that you are not alone, there are a lot of people facing similar acne issues. The key is to listen to your own body to understand the source of your acne. I am saying that because there is no dermatologist who can pinpoint the exact root cause of your acne. It is more likely that you figure it out yourself as you know yourself best.

These photos are testament that you can improve your skin with the right knowledge of skincare and a healthy lifestyle and diet. I achieved this current state of clear skin after 12 years of battling acne.You will get there too one day, so do not be discouraged by your acne issue! 

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