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Hi guys! A little bit about me – I am an Asian girl, and at the time of writing this I live in Hong Kong. I’m Indonesian but of a Chinese descent. I really love skincare, beauty and anything related to that. I believe that looking presentable and well taken care of are very important when we grow up into adults. I love beauty products and make-up but I’m not a fan of heavy thick make-up. I love to have a natural look and therefore I really believe in the importance of taking a good care of my skin so that I can feel good with my own skin.

I am really really happy to write this first post. I am crossing my fingers that I will be committed to update this blog along my skin journey. I really want to continue doing what I have started – and YAY finally I made a start on this!

It took me a while to finally arrive at this decision – to write a blog about my whole journey of getting the right way to treat my skin and maintain a good skin condition. If someone knows me and sees my skin, he/she may not know what I and my skin have been through in the past. I will most probably share a bit about my skin problems that bothered me really really much. I can feel when people and especially my friends complain to me about their skin problems. It is not easy to find the right treatment for our skin even though we think that we know our skin the best. There are also a lot of info out there that you might read online about how to treat a particular skin problem that you might happen to have. However, this flood of information might confuse you while at the same time we need to be aware that no size fits all and it is particularly true for skincare! Everybody is born with their own genetic makeup, brought up in different kinds of environment, accustomed to different kinds of lifestyle… Therefore, keep in mind that whatever suggested by other people may not exactly work the same way on you.

The biggest mistake that I believe people make from time to time regarding their skincare regime is that they approach their skin problem as a single isolated problem. What I mean is, we need to be aware that skin is our body organ, in fact it is the largest. The fact that our skin behaving uncooperatively (be it pimples, breakouts, etc.) with us does not mean that the problem can be solved just by putting some ointment. The problem might be due to unhealthy lifestyle and the solution will be to change the overall lifestyle.

In this first post I would like to thank some of my friends who have been encouraging me to finally set up this blog and do some sharing on skincare. This topic is my biggest passion! I hope what I share on this blog can be useful to everyone who reads my posts.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or a professional in skin, I am just a fellow comrade who had been in this journey to achieve healthy skin like you all. Please do your own research, and you should not take what I mentioned as the ultimate truth. 


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