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Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser: Should You Do It?

Vaginal health and condition is very important for not only females themselves, but for their sexual partners as well. As women age and give birth, the vaginal muscle and lining will naturally change. They will sag more and the vagina itself may become less tight. Is there any way to fix this? Previously we have […]

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Castor Oil for Under Eye Wrinkles

Castor oil is a natural skincare that our ancestors use to maintain youthful and beautiful skin. Previously we have covered the topic of castor oil for acne scars, and now we will talk about castor oil for under eye wrinkles (and other wrinkles!). Have you ever wondered whether castor oil works for under eye wrinkles? […]

Castor Oil for Acne Scars: Is it Effective?

Castor oil is broadly used since the ancient time for beauty due to its moisturizing property. Despite the popularity of castor oil as part of ancient beauty regime, many millennials or gen-Z do not know about castor oil and its benefits for skin health, particularly for acne and acne scars. Previously we have talked about […]

Chemical Peel for Back Acne (and Scars)

Back acne can affect your confidence, especially when you want to bare your back. It can be when you are going to the beach and want to wear your bikini, or if you want to attend an event and wear a backless dress. Whatever it is, back acne can happen to anyone and you need […]


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